UK PPI Claims Made Simple


The PPI scandal is one of the most talked about subjects at the moment, and it could mean that you are entitled to claim back charges for mis-sold PPI. If you are not sure what it is all about – and you are not alone in that respect – then we hope you will read on and find out more about how PPI claims UK style; can be made simple, because it really is not difficult to make a claim if you know how. First, a bit about PPI and why you may be entitled to claim.

What Is PPI And Why Can I Claim?

You may be asking what PPI is, and many people are, so let’s start our guide to Plevin PPI claims UK with a brief explanation. PPI – or payment protection insurance – is a term that refers to a range of insurance policies. In general, these are policies allied to a mortgage, loan or other credit agreement, and the intention is that they keep up the monthly repayments should find yourself out of work thanks to redundancy. That is all very well, but a recent investigation – prompted by a number of complaints – revealed that many high street lenders, and others, had been acting outside the regulations when selling PPI policies to customers. This is why many thousands of people are now entitled to reclaim PPI charges. To speak to an adviser about your PPI claims calculation.

Can I Make PPI Claims?

If you have taken out a mortgage or loan of late, or any consumer credit agreement for that matter, you are likely to be paying into a PPI policy – or several of them. This is why our guide to PPI claims UK is important, because the method of claiming may be the key to success. The best way to claim is to look for a solicitor who operates in this field of the law. There are many of them and you can generally find them with a quick online search, and putting your claim into action is very easy indeed.

“I Understand PPI Claims but UK Solicitors are Expensive”

This is a common misconception, and another reason why we concentrated on PPI claims UK.  The fact is that if you engage a solicitor offering you a no win, no fee deal – and most of them do – you will only pay a legal bill if you are successful. This means that there is no chance of you being left with a debt in the unlikely event you do not succeed. So, don’t delay – get your claim underway right now and you may be awarded compensation for mis-sold PPI.